Getting Started

1. What Is C Language? ⇒ C is a general-purpose, procedural, low...

1. What Is C Language?

⇒ C is a general-purpose, procedural, low level programming language. It’s support structural programming. C, one of the most popular computer languages today because of its structure, high-level abstraction, machine-independent feature, etc.

2. List of important features of C 

⇒ These are the most important features of C 

Simple: C is a simple language because it follows the structured approach, i.e., a program is broken into parts.

Portable: C is highly portable means that once the program is written it can be run on any machine with little or no modifications.

C is a mid-level programming language as it combines the low- level language with the features of the high-level language.

 C is a structured language as the C program is broken into parts.

Fast Speed:
 C language is very fast as it uses a powerful set of data types and operators.

Memory Management:
 C provides an inbuilt memory function that saves memory and improves the efficiency of our program.

 C is an extensible language as it can adopt new features in the future.

3. Why is C called Mother of all languages?

⇒ C is a general-purpose structural programming language and it’s used in variety of Applications C is known as a mother language because most of the compilers and JVM’s are written in C language. Most of the languages which are developed after C language has borrowed heavily from it like C++, Python, Rust, JavaScript, etc. It introduces new core concepts like arrays, functions, file handling which are used in these languages.

4. Why is C language treated as a middle level language?

⇒ C is considered as a middle level language because it supports the feature of both low-level and high level language. C language program is converted into assembly code, supports pointer arithmetic (low level), but it is machine independent (feature of high level).

5. How can a machine understand C?

⇒  Actually machine can’t understand C language, machine only understand machine code they only execute. So, what happened in the background is we have to compile the c program  to a machine code.

They only understand 0’s and 1’s. Whatever you write in C or any other language is understood by your compiler and then translated for your computer to understand which is what compilation is.